Monday, September 2, 2013


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So it's like 9:30ish or whateverish.
I've noticed that I tend to add ish to things I am not 100% about being accurateish.

Oh shish.

My phone is shut off today.
It's really sad. 
I'm even more shut off from the electronic world.

But I'm getting an iPhone 4s on straighttalk when I get paid. I deserve it.
But also I'm getting Chelsea some cute things :)
And her some money... cause she's helped me out so much... cause I came to MN so poor and hoboish lol.

I love her so much.  

Things are really looking up. 

I can't wait until she gets home tonight. 

So friikin SEXCITED.
I mean... excited lol... uhum... cough lol

Until next time, this is the RHINOFISHBLOG5000SOMETHINGORANOTHER 2.1.beta

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